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Creating Our Best Selves Through Strengths & Wellbeing

Welcome to your gateway to activities, workshops, resources and information about strengths and wellbeing at SMCC

South Mountain Community College is committed to supporting students, staff, administrators and faculty in their efforts to become their best selves by developing their strengths and wellbeing.
Strengths discovery, development, application, and relationship building leads to employee engagement and wellbeing.  Gallup research has found that as an employee:

  • When you use your strengths you are more engaged and more likely to feel energized.
  • When engaged you have greater physical wellbeing and are less likely to be diagnosed with depression.
  • Strengths based managers can contribute in very strong positive  ways to an employee’s career wellbeing.
  • You  need 6 hours of social time to have a thriving day leading to social wellbeing.
  • Strengths based teams support a sense of community wellbeing.

With Clifton Strengths Finder results and the StrengthsQuest Educator workshops, students will be provided with the tools to:

  • Increase engagement in college.
  • Improve physical wellbeing and reduce absence from college.
  • Help succeed in academic goals.
  • Improve and deepen relationships.
  • Provide guidance and ideas for your career.
This web site is a portal to wonderful resources, workshops and support to help you create your best self through strengths and wellbeing.