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HEALTH & HEALING: Did you know…

by Tanya Craven on May 10, 2016

Did you know most health conditions, disease, chronic illness, pain and more can be prevented, resolved and healed through food? Just by changing and becoming conscious with what is put into the body can change your health destiny. Are you ready to be the healthiest you? Follow this blog for information and strategies you can apply to your lifestyle and begin to see and feel the difference.

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  1. Craven,Tanya M. permalink

    Studies have been conducted on the best ways to prepare foods in order to retain and receive the maximum nutrition from the foods we eat and beverages we drink. Many experiments have been conducted to compare microwaved water versus tap, purified and boiled/cooled water to water plants. Results found that plants watered with the microwaveable water died. The microwave changes the molecular structure of the water and does the same to food.

    Here is a link t one experiment.

    Do you still want to use a microwave to heat food and drink?

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