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by Barnes,Donna Carolyn on May 4, 2020

Please join Kim Jones, SMCC’s new Personal Trainer, for a weekly video series focused on sleep, nutrition and self care. Look for an email every Monday throughout the month of May for that week’s featured video!

This week’s featured video is TOXIC LOAD:  PHTHALATES

Learn about the impact of toxic chemicals in common household products (air fresheners, plastic, personal care products etc.) and how to minimize exposure.

Upcoming Videos for May 2020

May 11, 2020
SELF CARE: Impact of Stress on the Gut Microbiome
Learn how Self care and stress relief practices counter the immune suppressing impact of chronic stress on hormones, digestion and gut bacteria.

May 18, 2020
NUTRITION: Fasting, Autophagy & Life Extension
How fasting facilitates the burning of fat for fuel,  boosting the metabolism, getting rid of older dysfunctional cells and extending life span.

May 26, 2020
Sleep Hygiene: Sleep and Hormone Imbalances
Learn about how sleep affects hormones that regulate hunger, inflammation recovery and the sleep wake cycle.

Please contact Kim Jones if you have any questions.



Come workout with us using the schedule below!

Kim Jones workout schedule

Tuesday at 7am
Meeting ID: 718 0711 2406

Thursday at 8am
Meeting ID: 747 6296 9164

Saturday at 8am
Meeting ID: 789 6298 6533

Chase Kisler workout schedule

Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 12pm
Meeting ID: 970 3699 5235
Password: 8iMggE

Tyler Gillum workout schedule

Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm
Meeting ID: 966-5133-7148

Kathy McAvoy yoga schedule

Monday and Wednesday at 8am
Meeting ID: 974-3056-1508

Please contact Tyler Gillum with any questions regarding Wellness Workouts.

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