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Tom Rath and Jim Harter of Gallup wrote, “Contrary to what many people believe, wellbeing isn’t just about being happy. Nor is it only about being wealthy or successful. And it’s certainly not limited to physical health and wellness. In fact, focusing on these elements in isolation may drive us to frustration and even a sense of failure. Wellbeing is about a combination of love for what we do each day, the quality of our relationships, the security of our finances, the vibrancy of our physical health, and the pride we take in what we have contributed to our communities. Most importantly, it is about how these five elements interact.”

South Mountain Community College is committed to helping those who live, learn, and lead within the community to thrive in personal wellbeing. This effort is based on research presented in the book “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements” (Rath & Harter), which follows from the Gallup Wellbeing Finder™, an online scorecard of the five essential elements of wellbeing:

As with Strengths, at SMCC, Wellbeing Finder™ results are supported by seminars, activities, events and campus leaders committed to developing a culture of wellbeing.