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The StrengthsQuest™ workshop was awesome….I was really interested in talking about how the people around me should have different themes and strengths that could compliment my themes and strengths.

~ Todd Eastin


The training was amazing! Thank you for the opportunity to attend! I would love to have the ability to use this with our students as I find the information so valuable. Thanks again!

~ Natalie Huddlestun


I had an awesome time at the training sessions, and am greatly inspired to do more!  Thanks for everything!!

~ Stephanie Hampson


This was a wonderful opportunity to get to know myself and co-workers better.  It will also help me to understand my students better and to help them be the best they can and reach their educational goals.

– Andrea Banks


I though this training was so valuable and inspirational.  I am excited to use strengths with my students, but also in my family/personal life.  Thank You!

– Tracy Lenartz


This was a great experience for me as a new employee.  This was very inspiring information I will use in my personal and professional life.  Thank you Scott!

– Karina Chaidez