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Creating Our Best Selves

Through Strengths and Wellbeing

South Mountain Community College is a strengths-based institution where every employee has a basic understanding of his or her own personal strengths and integrates that awareness into all aspects of college operation, including performance reviews and professional development plans.  This commitment is key to our continued improvement as an organization and as a college.

SMCC offers workshops designed to helps employees  discover and build upon their strengths, create stronger relationships, and engage in more effective teams.  If you are a South Mountain Employee join us in our next workshop.

Strengths Essentials

September 29, 2023 from 9 AM – 4 PM


Questions? Please contact
Alicia Sangha: 602-243-8035

South Mountain Strengths Essentials Session Agenda

Learn how you can begin to do what you do best every day. Learn how your talents can help you develop personally and professionally. This is designed to help you leverage your talents at work – and become more engaged, productive, and successful. You’ll learn to define your top five strengths and apply them through strengths-based principles, concepts, and practices. Do what you do best every day!

Develop your talents to become a top achiever. What do the top achievers in every career field have in common?  They fully recognize their talents and build on them to develop strengths. They apply their greatest talents in roles that best suit them. And they invent ways to apply their greatest talents to their daily tasks. This will assist you in recognizing, developing and applying your talents in ways that best suit you and allow you to become a top achiever.

Improve and deepen your relationships by seeing and appreciating the talents of others.
Much of your work day is spent working with others in a team environment.  Effective and productive teams meet their goals and achieve meaningful outcomes by capitalizing on the diverse talents of their members.  You will be offered valuable tools to support students and coworkers in building effective, strength based teams. Viewing your relationships with others through the lens of strengths can give you a new perspective on relating to all people in your life. It can give you a deeper appreciation of how they view the world — and what they need from you.


Join us today and begin your journey to being your best self!